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Embrace the sound of the gong!

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The gong is one of the oldest therapeutic instruments in history and is said to aid meditation, assist yoga practice and reduce stress. The vibrations of the gong can affect the body on a cellular level bringing about a sense of balance and harmony. It’s resonance can help to reduce fatigue and leave you feeling rejuvenated and energized.

So what is a ‘Sound bath’?

Well firstly, there are no water or bubbles involved in this bath. It is simply a way to describe how you ‘bathe’ in the sounds produced by the gong.

And how does it work?

Sound is deeply rooted in all of us. Vibration and motion manifest themselves in everything that makes up our universe. Nothing is at rest. There is a constant motion around us and within us and this motion generates frequencies which, in turn, generate sound.

Sound is so integral to us. It is one of the first senses to develop in utero and from birth plays a very important role in calming and comforting. This may be the reason that sound and music affects us on such a deep rooted level.

Later on in life we have all experienced how sounds, music and song play a huge role in changing our feelings and mood. Music can help the feelings of low mood quickly dissipate and be replaced for joyous ones. The gong can work in the same way, only on a much more profound level. The gong’s vibration combined with meditation is said to shift the brain from Beta (waking state) to Theta or Delta (meditation).

But don’t think that sound therapy is just for Yoga fanatics and hippies. More and more people are discovering just how much sound baths and gong meditations have to offer. At Samsara we organise monthly Sound Bath events on the weekend around the New Moon. We also have a special workshop with Clive Fogelman and Tracie Storey which will combine both restorative yoga and sound to energise and relax.

So, don't take our word for it, come and experience the restorative benefits of the gong for yourself!

Join us to experience it at Clive and Tracie's workshop on the 29th April!

Restorative Yoga and Sound Harmonisation

with Clive Fogelman & Tracie Storey

When: Sun 29th April 2018

Time: 2 - 4.30pm

Price: £40. £35 early bird*

Clive and Tracie invite you to work with these two complimentary modalities by incorporating sound harmonisation techniques alongside the beneficial and restorative effects of yoga. These two modalities, in combination, allow us to really embody sound and movement to create a true harmonising of the body & mind.

Yoga Teacher Clive Fogelman and Tama Do Vibrational Sound Teacher Tracie Storey have harmonised their techniques to offer you this unique class.

Restorative yoga cultivates the practise of acceptance and letting go. It is an effortless and gentle practise harnessing healing, inner calm and replenishment. By introducing the element of sound into the space we open up a new field of possibilities and a deeper awareness.

The acoustic sounds works with your body on a vibrational and cellular level, encouraging a deeper more profound release from your physical and energetic body. The sound stimulates a clearing in your auric field allowing you to literally feel lighter whilst the overtones allow you to tune yourself back to your natural balance.

The workshop will also include guided meditations, visualisations and poetry. You will leave the session feeling replenished and more in harmony with your own true inner nature, in a clearer, calmer and happier space. The perfect way to start the week.

* book before 15 April 2018 for early bird price

Book online now or call 0208 874 4500 / email

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