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Do you have an offer for new clients?

Yes - check out our Intro Offers in the Special Offers Page


Can I claim my treatment with my healthcare provider?

Depending on your provider they may have particular specifications on what you can claim on. When you place your booking you will automatically receive a receipt, but you can request an invoice to be sent to you after your treatment is over. Either talk to our team or drop us an email. 


Why can't I use my gift voucher?

The software we use has confirmed that it is unable to process a physical gift voucher on the checkout page. However, it can process a digital/email gift voucher. If you have a physical gift voucher please drop us an email and request the voucher be added to your account balance to use. 


How do I book in to classes?

If you have a membership or a classpack then the system will require you to have a Mindbody account so it can be saved on the system. To login there are multiple options: 


I'm having trouble logging in to my account - what's the cause?

We recommend creating an account with an email and a password. This makes it so there are less issues with duplicate accounts, especially when it comes to AppleID, GoogleID or logging in with Facebook. If you do choose to login with Facebook it will use the same email that you use for your Facebook account. 

Can I share my membership with someone else?

As generous as this is, unfortunately for insurance and liability reasons we do need both of you to have separate accounts. If you would like to set up a Couples Membership then let us know via email and we can link your accounts. 

Do you give discounts for seniors? 

Yes we do. We give 10% off on our classes, treatments, class packs and Maxi memberships - but not our Mini memberships. In order to receive the discount you must be over 65, just let our reception team know and they can apply it to your account. 

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