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Pilates Classes

Enroll In Pilates Classes at Serenity Space

Serenity Space provides a relaxing professional environment where people of all levels of skill and physical fitness can learn and practice Pilates.

Pilates classes are a great addition to your yoga practice if you want to work on spine mobility and core strength, or focus more on the general fitness.  Yoga is great for balancing the body, focusing the mind, strengthening certain muscle groups, and improving the person overall. While yoga does help reduce weight and improve form, Pilates is a higher impact and arguably more effective. You do not have to pick just one though, you can take the yoga classes that suit your needs best and add Pilates to get your heart racing and your muscles aching from the targeted 45 minutes workout by the same experts that teach yoga. Yoga and Pilates Classes together are the perfect combination to push your body and mind into the next level of fitness and balance. We welcome you to our beginner's classes or any other class you choose while you look for the workout that works best for you.

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