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Person in plank position on yoga mat


We offer an huge range of Yoga and Pilates classes with a variety of very experienced teachers for all abilities and tastes. If you are new to Yoga and Pilates, we are happy to guide you to find a class to suit your needs.




Our Pilates classes vary, some are gentle and relaxed, others are more dynamic. All our Pilates classes hope to work on specific muscle groups to improve core strength and muscle tone.

Pilates is thought to have a range of positive benefits. Regular Pilates can improve posture, balance and joint mobility. It can also relieve stress and tension. There is some evidence that Pilates can provide pain relief to people who suffer with non-specific lower back pain.

A variety of Pilates specific props will be used to facilitate the class.

Yin & Yang

flowing . Stress releasing


This is a class that balances the traditional asana based yoga practise with the newly developed Yin practice, done usually in the second half of the class. Yang is the masculine principle; active, outward and upward moving, aimed at developing muscular strength and stamina. Yin is the feminine principle; passive and 

introspective. Yin yoga helps to release connective tissue, expanding flexibility and aiding healing while stimulating the nadis or meridians to loosen energetic blockages and increase energy flow.

Himalayan Hatha

Strengthening . Revitalising


Based on traditional principles of yoga, Himalayan Hatha is founded by Yogi Ashokananda. A strong, yet supportive form of yoga, working through the entire body, cleansing and revitalising through special sequencing with a combination of subtle body exercise. Yogi’s teaching style manages to instil a sense of discipline in the mind and body without stress. His expertise and caring attitude towards his students provides a supportive environment where you can develop your practice at your own pace.


Relaxing . Calming


Restorative Yoga, the antidote to stress, allows us to tip the balance in favour of the parasympathetic 'quieting system'. With this, ever deepening states of relaxation ensue. Mild, gentle and prolonged stretching is supported with the appropriate use of props. The spine is moved in all different directions to unlock tension in the spine with a deep connection to breath, gravity and mental concentration.

Beginners Yoga

Transformative . Energising

Beginners Yoga will allow you to explore your physical body and how its serves you in all manner of ways. Learn about your breath, engaging your core and different ways of moving your spine. You will be building up from simple to more challenge poses / asanas – forward bends, backbends, standing and seated poses, twists and balances which are set within a framework of breath and movement and vinyasa flow. We recommend you attend these classes before moving onto more challenging classes.

Mindful Flow

Gentle . Flowing

Traditional poses and sequences are rethought to incorporate ‘juicy’ movements that feel good within the body. Postures are felt from within, transitions from one to the next being just as important as the poses themselves. Mindful Flow is about moving in a way that feels good, with time and space given to exploring suggestions and alternatives and to get creative on the mat. Prepare to really tune in to how your body feels through mindful movement, awareness and breath.

Candlelight Yoga

Relaxing . Nourishing


Unravel and unwind from your week with a gently flowing vinyasa yoga class in soft glowing candlelight. Delicious flow sequences are designed to release, open up, twist out and create space in your body, connecting you back to your breath with each movement. This is the ultimate way to unwind and get ready for your weekend.

Somatic and Restorative

Soothing . Relaxing


A haven for those seeking gentle movements and stress relief. This unique session blends Somatic yoga, emphasizing an 'inside-out' approach, with classic restorative poses. Somatic yoga, known as 'yoga from the inside,' encourages you to feel your way through poses rather than worrying about how they appear externally. Join us to explore the soothing impact of movement on your inner self, embracing a practice focused on personal experience over outward appearances.

Yin Yoga

Stress-releasing . Grounding


Yin yoga increases mobility and flexibility in the body and ultimately leads to deeper relaxation and a better yang practice. Life requires balance and so does yoga. If you are only doing the “yang” styles of yoga (the active muscular forms), it is time to discover the “yin” yoga that works on the deep tissues and energy systems of the body. Suitable for all levels, Yin Yoga is a perfect complement to dynamic yang yoga practises that emphasize internal heat and the lengthening and contracting of our muscles. 

Vinyasa Flow

Vibrant . Flowing


In Vinyasa Flow Yoga, movement and breath are synchronised to create a flowing practice. The asanas (postures) are linked together in a way that makes sense physically, and creates a moving meditation, where the body becomes strong and flexible, while the mind becomes focused and calm. The pace of the flow can vary, as you are guided into and out of postures with fluidity and attention to alignment, with each teacher bringing their own unique expertise, experience and creativity to the classes.

Mandala Yoga

Energising . Flowing


Mandala Yoga is a creative vinyasa practice which explores movement around and beyond the mat. As we change our view and perspective it challenges and nourishes us both physically and mentally. We flow through backbends, forward folds, balances, standing and seated asanas and explore the elements of air, Earth, fire and water.

Open to all levels but be willing to move around the yoga mat. 

Power Flow

Strengthening . Energising

Take things up a notch with Power Flow, a more challenging vinyasa practise. Dynamic in nature, Power Flow incorporates strengthening exercises and more challenging postures to improve stamina, get the heart racing and sweat dripping. Strong and rewarding in equal measures, you’ll leave feeling energised, exhilarated and ready to take on whatever life throws at you off the mat. Each of our teachers brings their own unique expertise and experience to the class. 

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