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Yoga Studio

Serenity Space - Your Judgment Free Yoga Studio

A quality Yoga Studio is a place to go to reset your body and your mind after a busy day or week.

We offer many types of yoga in a variety of classes:


  • Vinyasa Flow - Breath, Movement, and Position come together to help the person move more freely and be more aware of the connectedness of the body.

  • Yin Yoga - This form of yoga is easy enough for beginners yet goes deeper for muscle and connective tissue release. Yin also helps regulate the the production of stress hormones - adrenaline and cortisol.

  • Himalayan Yoga - This traditional practice works the entire body and is considered revitalizing.

  • Power Flow - This class is more challenging. You will be sweaty with a racing heart and you will feel full of vitality and alive at the end of the class.

  • Candle Light - Relaxation and resetting are the key goals of this class. If you are ready to unwind and release the tension of the week, schedule a candlelight session.

  • Yin and Yang - While Yin focuses on deep moves and balance yang focuses on muscle movement and stamina as the perfect balance.

  • Therapeutic and Restorative - This class is geared towards those who want to restore the balance and release stress. The floor based yoga moves are aimed to heal and rejuvenate body after illness or injury.

  • Pregnancy Yoga - Mothers-to-be attend this class to help them prepare for labour, improve flexibility, and even reduce morning sickness and heartburn!

Our teachers are experts in many different types of Yoga and we are consistently striving to add more to help our clients with holistic healing. You are bound to find the class that suits your fitness levels, goals, and needs.  We welcome all our students without judgement.

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