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Deep Tissue Massage

Serenity Space Provides Deep Tissue and Sports Massage

Yoga Studio

Pain relief and increased mobility may be within reach with sports and deep tissue massage. The body is more than a sum of all the parts, the many systems within the body all work together and are interconnected in ways that you may not expect. If you are experiencing recurring pain in your neck, for example, you may be surprised at how much a deep tissue massage on the shoulder area can reduce neck tension and pain. Taking an over-the-counter pain reliever may mask the pain for an hour but to really heal come to the experts who can address the root cause and help your body heal.

Deep tissue massage is relaxing and feels nice at the time, but it is more about enjoying a relaxing massage. The act of deep tissue massage actually helps the body to heal and recover from injury and recurring pain. This is done two-fold. First, access the muscle fibers accurately and deeply with skilled hands or equipment releases trigger spots that will likely be painful for a long time otherwise. Second, this manipulation inspires increased blood flow to the area to help with healing and pain relief. There are other ways that sports massage and deep tissue massage can help but these two are like a one-two punch for fast healing and pain relief. If you have been dealing with recurring pain in an area of your body and you are unsure of the cause, schedule a deep tissue massage and see if you need that trigger point muscle release. If you know you have had a sports injury, do not delay a sports massage and remember to reduce the use of the area until healed for effective future play.

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