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Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy Yoga May Just Be Exactly What You Need Right Now

Serenity Space provides pregnancy yoga with pre and post-natal treatments to help women in the area enjoy their pregnancy as much as possible. Pregnancy is a time of tremendous change for a woman, and each pregnancy is different. Many women who are finding that they are not comfortable while pregnant find that our gentle pregnancy classes are effective for increasing flexibility and reducing pain and discomfort. Our pregnancy classes also help women practice the deep breathing methods that are so vital during delivery for pain release are relaxation. There are many physical perks to regularly partaking in pregnancy yoga during those nine months but many women report that the friendship and support they receive by taking a class with a group of women in similar situations is priceless. We welcome all and we look forward to aiding you in your journey to motherhood.

Pregnancy Yoga classes at Serenity Space are designed to be the ultimate experience in relaxation while still gently working your muscles, stretching your ligaments, and helping your body maintain the balance and strength you will need more and more of in the coming months. Pre and post-natal treatments can help in ways you may not expect. For example, certain yoga moves when done often enough actually reduce morning sickness and heartburn for many women. Prenatal treatments can help reduce delivery time and increase the mother's stamina during delivery. Postnatal treatments can help identify any birth injuries to the mother's spine or hips that can be healed with proper movement and help a mother heal and feel increased energy when her body is ready.

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