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Summer in your soul


Living with the seasons

Summer is the season where nature is colourful, vibrant and blooming.

Everything seems lighter and feels like a celebration of life and abundance.

This is the opportunity for you to open up, be yourself and show your true colours.

Embrace this season of spiritual growth.

All you have to do to recharge the batteries is to go outside and feel the warmth

of the sunlight on your skin. It will energise you and boost the production of vitamin D, which is very good for the body and soul.

Here are a few things we recommend

to live your life in full colours!

  • Put some colour into your plate! Spices such as turmeric, saffron and paprika not only will brighten up your meal, they are also help detox your body.

  • Take a walk and observe nature, notice the different types of plants, flowers, their colour, texture...

  • Self practice outdoors! Whether it is in your garden, in a park, on your balcony, sunlight will boost you level of serotonin and make you happy!

  • Get creative in the kitchen! Go to your local farm or nearby market and pick colourful fruits and vegetables. A simple recipe with good, local and healthy products is all it takes.

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