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Superfood Special: Ginger

Herb of the Month: Ginger

We’re shouting from the rooftops about the wonders of ginger! Of all the herbs this is the one to have on had to fight infections and toxins, it's super powers just go on and on. Not to mention it's so tasty when added to food and warm drinks. Let's all embrace this natural warm hug straight from nature.

  • Known as a universal medicine, ginger works wonderfully on the whole body, particularly the digestive and respiratory systems.

  • Perfect for colds, flu, headaches, vomiting, heart issues, haemorrhoids, arthritis, abdominal pain, bloating, gas, cramps, indigestion, toxicity and pain.

  • Great for all doshas (dry Kapha; fresh for Pitta; dry/fresh for Vata)

  • For Vata ginger works wonderfully with rock salt, for Pitta with rock candy and Kapha with honey

  • Increase your inner fire and remove toxins by mixing it with honey and lemon juice and consuming as a drink

  • As an external painkiller mix with castor oil and apply on the affected area as a paste

  • Drink warm ginger and lemon tea first thing in the morning to awaken your digestion and expel toxins accumulated over the night. Drink throughout the day if you need further cleansing

  • As an essential oil you can use ginger topically (highly diluted) over the abdomen with some camomile essential oil in a compress (to remove menstruation cramps or to sooth an upset stomach).

  • When diffused or inhaled with some cardamon and thyme oil it can support your lungs by clearing any heaviness, congestion or discomfort

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