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What Is A Prenatal Massage?

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

A prenatal massage is a specialised massage that helps to decrease the aches and pains that occur when you're pregnant. It aims to make you feel better by improving mobility and circulation, relieving sore spots and relaxing tense muscles.

Prenatal massage therapists understand the various needs of pregnant women and are trained to use a range of techniques. After all, carrying a baby inside your body alters your sense of gravity which places additional stress on your shoulders, abdominal muscles, neck and back.

Trained prenatal massage therapists can identify the specific areas where a pregnant woman is sore and will know how to provide effective relief. Besides being aware of what methods to avoid that can increase pain.

The Benefits Of A Prenatal Massage

Apart from relieving abdominal discomfort, a prenatal massage can help reduce swelling in the legs, improve mood, lower stress and even lower the risk of preterm births.

Being pregnant can be overwhelming, therefore, a pregnancy massage enhances your state of mind and helps you be positive about the enormous change in your life.

Always remember to inform your massage therapist that you’re pregnant and during the therapy let them know when something feels uncomfortable.

In some cases, a prenatal massage therapist will want clearance from your doctor that it is safe to massage you.

When Should You Get A Prenatal Massage?

You can receive a prenatal massage at any point during your pregnancy as long it is approved by your doctor. However, some prenatal massage professionals would rather see you in the second semester to avoid the risk of a miscarriage.

It may be challenging to have a massage at first due to your swollen breasts and enlarged tummy. Still, your massage therapist will do everything they can to make you feel comfortable and relaxed.

If it hurts to lay down on your stomach you might be positioned on your side with pillows for support. Alternatively, some prenatal massage therapists provide a specialised pad with hollowed areas to reduce stress on your belly and breasts and allow you to lie on your front.

If you’re pregnant and looking for therapy to ease your discomfort, try our fabulous prenatal treatments.

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