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Superfood Special: Mint

We are seeing the first leaves of spring appear in our gardens and the herb mint will begin to grow again after it’s winter rest.

Mint is a fantastic herb to have in your kitchen garden or window sill. It has many health benefits as well as being a wonderful addition to a salad!

Here are just some of the benefits:

1. It aids Digestion.

Mint promotes healthy digestion and soothes the stomach of any inflammation. Mint also stimulates the salivary glands in your mouth which aids the breakdown of food. So reach for a cup of Fresh Mint leaves steeped in hot water next time you need to settle a tummy ache or trapped gas!

2. It aids Nausea and Headache

The smell of fresh, crushed mint leaves helps to relieve symptoms of nausea and the aroma soothes headaches. You can purchase mint balms which work brilliantly if applied to the temples for a tension headache or eye strain.

3. Reduces feelings of depression and fatigue.

If you are feeling a little low, the aroma of mint essential oil can do wonders to stimulate the mind positively. Mint essential oil can also help if you are feeling tired, sluggish or anxious. Put a few drops into a hanky and inhale. The fresh scent will blow away the cobwebs in no time.

4. Oral Health

Chewing mint leaves can inhibit harmful bacteria in the mouth. It also freshens the breath in a natural way without using harsh mouthwashes.

Fresh Mint tea

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