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Can we say goodbye to Cellulite with Ayurveda?

No one likes the infamous orange peel skin, yet most of women have it. Cellulite unfortunately affects mostly women (approximately 85% of us according to UK Health Centre), although men can get it too but in much lesser extent. Why is that? It is mostly due to the different concentration of sex hormones which contribute to accumulation of our body fat. Another factor that we get cellulite more than men is in the way the male skin is arranged, making it more effective at preventing cellulite from emerging in contrast to female skin. There are many myths surrounding cellulite such as that only overweight people get it or if you lose weight, your cellulite will disappear. None of them are true.

According to Ayurveda cellulite is nothing but excessive, undigested toxic waste. It's a heavy, sticky substance that sits in the fat cells and is very difficult to eliminate. The longer it sits there, the harder it is to remove. It is associated with lymph drainage problem as toxins and fluid will accumulate in pockets of fat on certain parts of the body when the lymph system is not working properly. Therefore improving the circulation of the lymph in areas that are prone to cellulite will reduce the cause of cellulite. Similarly reducing toxic exposure is also an essential component on an anti-cellulite program and reduces the cause.

But cellulite doesn’t manifest equally in everyone. In the same way as Ayurveda recognises three different types of body-mind types, called Doshas, there are three major types of cellulite!

  • First one designed for people suffering from hard and cold cellulite commonly affected Vata type people, where there is a localised fat deposit mostly on hips, outer tights, inner knee and abdomen.

  • Second one targets soft, sclerotic cellulite which is the most common and widespread in Pitta constitutions. You can recognise it by visible orange skin, weight swings up and down, as well as pain when pinching the skin.

  • Lastly there is oedematous cellulite or Kapha type cellulite characterised by oedema, swelling, heavy legs, visible capillaries and veins.

A basis of ayurvedic anti-cellulite treatment is a change of dietary habits, lifestyle, exercises, herbal remedies as well as physical exercises. To achieve the best results consult your ayurvedic physician who will create a plan that suit your individual needs according to your body type. This service is available in Samsara in a form of ayurvedic consultation.

For more info please check the website or call reception on 0208 874 4500.

If you’d like to start somewhere why don’t you try one of Samsara’s customised cellulite treatment, called Leg Detox. Don’t get mislead by the name- this treatments doesn’t tackle only your legs but any area where cellulite is present. In this treatment our therapist will help you determine specific type of cellulite you carry and perform massage most suitable for you. Products used in this procedure are of the highest quality and contain high concentration of potent and organic plant extracts that will do wonders on your troubled area.

This treatment starts with gentle massage using silk gloves which promote electrostatic skin relaxation and stimulate lymph to enhance circulation and detoxification. This is followed by specialised massage techniques using plant extracts and potent masks and oils, working together to purify and break down stagnant toxins, and tone your body.

The effects are amazing, but don’t just take our word for it and try it for yourself.

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