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Swedish Massages in Wandsworth

If you’re looking for a Swedish massage in Wandsworth, look no further than Samsara. We provide a specialised approach to massage therapy by striving to fix your unique condition and needs.


We offer deeper pressure massages for those who want to relieve uncomfortable aches and pains. Besides, gentler massage treatments that aim to release tension from your body through connective movements.


Our Swedish Massages


Samara provides Swedish massages in Wandsworth that involve the rhythmic application of a variety of massage strokes and techniques. We take pride in helping all of our clients to unwind and relax as we perform the treatment.


We perform every Swedish massage on a massage couch with the use of massage oils and towels to provide warmth.


Depending on the requirements of our clients, we administer slow and gentle massages as well as higher paced, more stimulating alternatives. Personal preferences can be affected by the time of day or what your body feels like in that specific moment.


We always take into account the needs of each client before applying light, medium or deep pressure during our massage therapy.


Our Swedish massage therapies in Wandsworth have a range of benefits on the body such as relieving tension as well as treating tension-related conditions like muscular pain and headaches. It also helps to increase the circulation of oxygen and nutrients to cells, in addition to improving joint mobility and range of motion.


Before we begin the therapy we will do a brief consultation with you. During this part, we will discuss any injuries or medical conditions you have. Not to mention, any specific areas of tightness or pain that need to be targeted.


Once the consultation is over you will be asked to undress yourself to your underwear while receiving a clean towel. You will then lie on the massage couch in preparation for your Swedish massage treatment.


All of our massage therapies begin with you facing down on the massage couch with your head placed in a specifically designed hole. This is so your spine stays in a neutral position. 

If you are interested in booking a Swedish massage in Wandsworth or you would like further information about our services, you can reach us on 020 8874 4500 or send an email to

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