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Physiotherapy helps to restore movement and function when someone is affected by injury, illness, or disability. It can also help to reduce the risk of injury or illness in future. Human movement and physical function are key to health and wellbeing. The primary focus of physiotherapy is to assess and diagnose the problem, then devise the treatment program with an aim to restore function, or minimise dysfunction after disease or injury.

Some of the most common complaints we are here to help you with are: 


  • Back, neck and spinal pain (Including headaches, slipped discs, muscular as well as posture related back and neck problems)

  • Sports injuries (Fractures, tendon sprains and strains, tennis elbow, muscular injuries/tears)

  • Post surgical rehabilitation

  • Woman’s health (Pre and post natal)

Treatments & Techniques

Atter the initial assessment, you may have a more 'fluid' treatment, consisting of the combination of manual and movement based therapy, kinesiotherapy and electrotherapy, with our therapist deciding the best course of action depending on your condition and functional goals.


You can expect the use of the following techniques:

  • Movement Therapy - Kinesiotherapy

  • Electrotherapy - TECAR Therapy


The course of treatments and treatment times will vary according to your injury. To better understand your needs, we recommend that clients first book in for an initial assessment.


If you wish to claim the cost of your treatment through your health insurance, please call us to make an appointment.

Initial Consultation and Treatment  45 mins £85

Physio Follow Up  30 mins £60

Kinesiotherapy 45 mins £83 |  60 mins £110

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