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Q&A with Katie Oriel

If you are wondering if you've met Katie before ... you may have done. She used to work on the reception at Samsara and is now returning after completing her teacher training! We are delighted that Katie will be teaching Vinyasa Flow every Monday at 10.45am-12pm. We hope you will join her for a class and welcome her back to the Samsara community!

Here is a bit more about Katie:

Katie Oriel

Why did you decide to train as a yoga instructor?

I decided to leap into the unknown and do my first teacher training in 2016. I'd been practicing for about 3 years and had become quite obsessed with yoga. Working full time in TV production was becoming not only monotonous, but stressful and extremely time consuming. A teacher of mine suggested I do an Ashtanga teacher training to see if it was something I'd be interested in doing as a career and well, I've not looked back since! I decided to do a Vinyasa training in 2017 to beef up my knowledge and am now doing this full time! Best choice I've ever made.

What do you eat for breakfast usually?

I'm a yoghurt, granola and berries girl! I don't normally like sweet things in the morning but this gives me a boost of antioxidants, slow release carbs and who can turn down Greek yoghurt? :)

What is your favourite asana?

Oooo so many to choose from! I think Halasana (plow pose)/karnapidasana (ear pressure pose) have got to be up there with my favourites. Not only are they a test of strength, but also a practice of surrender to the pose and to the moment. I find them both incredibly calming. I have to mention inversions as well; working from headstand to forearmstand and handstand is a long process, for which you need mental strength, discipline and determination, let alone the physical strength.

What is the most surprising thing about being a Yoga teacher?

I went into teaching with no expectations whatsoever. I'm a great believer in going with the flow and allowing it all to happen, so nothing has taken me by surprise as it where. If anything I'm surprised by how much I love it. I knew I'd enjoy it, but I wouldn't do anything else now... Whether it be one, or twenty people that I teach I always end the sessions buzzing and filled with love. It's a beautiful thing.

What advise can you give to beginner student?

My advice would to be to release expectation of what is coming, and don't allow self judgement to creep in. When we begin yoga we often fall into the trap of looking around in class, to see what everyone else is doing, comparing yourself to them and feeling rubbish because you're not at the same stage. But that's just it, you're not at the same stage! Your journeys are different. Enjoy the ride and don't try too hard to get to the destination.

What time do you go to bed?

Too late! I'm a day napper for sure! When you're teaching a few classes a day, on top of your own practice it can get tiring, so who's to say a little cap nap won't help?

What is your favourite music to do Yoga to?

I love to flow to something energising. All of my playlists have a clear structure to them; soft to begin with, bringing the mind to the mat without distraction before introducing some faster beats to help motivate you through the tougher parts of the flow. I will always end with someone like LUCHS, or They Dream By Day; super chill, calm music that allows you to drift into (and out of) that well earned savasana.


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