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The 3 Keys to Creative Sequencing  
with Zara Miranda

Sunday 4th Feb 12-6pm. Front-Heart Openers
Sunday 11th Feb 12-6pm. Back-Folds
Sunday 18th Feb 12-6pm. Sides-Twists & Hips

What will the course cover?
The 3 Keys to Creative Sequencing unlocks the artistry of yoga sequencing and opens up the body's potential.
A training that empowers both teachers and practitioners to elevate their practice to new heights.
Supported by the synergy of breath, movement, and mindfulness, The 3 Keys unveils the secrets to crafting dynamic and innovative yoga sequences.
Blending ancient wisdom and contemporary insights, participants gain a deep understanding of how to weave together postures, transitions, and intentions, fostering a harmonious flow that not only enhances physical well-being but also nurtures creativity and self-expression.

Join Zara on this illuminating path to refine your sequencing skills and cultivate a vibrant and personalised yoga practice.

Who’s this training for?
This training is ideal for teachers who want to boost their confidence, creative ability and understanding of sequencing as well as students with a consistent practice that would like to create a safe and diverse self practice.

Who is the Teacher?
Zara is a registered senior yoga teacher with a decade of teaching experience and she is also a gifted healer. Zara's passion for her work is palpable and her intuitive nature allows her to deliver her knowledge and wisdom in a beautifully accessible way.


£400 for all 3 keys or £150 per key

Email us for more information or if you would like to book

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