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August at Samsara

Stay fresh & light

The summer is still going and keeping us alive!

Sometimes the heat makes it hard to keep energized and active.

Here are a few natural tips to stay bright and breezy!

  • Breath in! Carry a little bottle of essential oils with you! Lavender, mint, citrus, thyme, rose or eucalyptus will give you a boost when inhaling them and make you feel like you are in the middle of a beautiful flowery forest.

  • Cooling drinks! As well as their refreshing taste and benefits for the skin, both aloe vera juice and coconut water have a cooling effect, perfect for warmer days.

  • Power nap! Short naps during the day are ideal to perk you up. 20 min maximum or you might feel a bit dozy if it's longer. You will feel refreshed and focused for the rest of the day!

  • Vitamin D! Spend time outside in the sun! Sunlight boosts the production of vitamin D and the hormone serotonin (this one make you very happy). Plus it gives you a lovely sun kiss glow!

  • More breathing! If humidity leaves you feeling hot and bothered try sheetali / sitali breathing to cool both body and mind. Inhale slowly through a rolled tongue and exhale through both nostrils. Cool, calm and collected is just a few breaths away.

Enjoy the rest of your summer yogis!

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