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Ayurvedic Summertime

Ayurvedic Summertime

Everything is heating up, including our bodies!

Summertime is the season of pitta in Ayurveda, which is made from the elements of fire and water. The heat has a tendency to affect our metabolism and make us overactive.

Overactivity can lead to skin problems, sleeping disorders, tiredness and burnouts.

Thank you to the beautiful study of Ayurveda and mother nature, there are many ways to re balance and harmonise our bodies and minds to stay fresh and healthy this summer:

  • Drink cool liquids like water, water and lemon juice, refrigerated mint tea... Avoid ice cold drinks, sweet and fizzy drinks because they interfere with digestion.

  • Avoid spicy and salty foods, as they dehydrate the body especially in hot weather. Instead, eat sweet and bitter, fresh fruits and green vegetables. Alcohol and caffeine are also to stay away from during that period.

  • Exercise early morning and evenings. Avoid mid-day sun exposure where and slow down your days! A moon light walk is especially recommended and to be said soothing for pitta dosh. Finally, if you feel hot during the night, take a hot shower!

  • Finally, we of course encourage any form of mediation, relaxing outdoors, listening to music, reading a book and other activities that make you feel lighter and calmer.

Enjoy your summer yogis!

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