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Hello May!

Hello May!

March to June is Kapha season according to Ayurveda. As much as life is beautiful in this time of year and we keep our positive and strong warrior attitude, we may feel or experience heaviness in the air, allergies reactions

and respiratory difficulties! On top of all this, pressure at work, city pollution, noise and stress can make us tired and feel vulnerable.

Here are a few lines to guide you through May smoothly and peaceful!

Eat spicy!

This will help detox your body and balance your Kapha Dosha.

(Ginger, turmeric, saffron, garlic, paprika in your food...)

Watch the sunrise!

Benefit from the freshness and purity of the air to energize and activate your body.

All in moderation...

Whether it is food, exercise, entertainment, internet, work...

Set yourself small limits and work towards the Ayurvedic goal of balance.

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