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*****ZEUPHORIUM REIKI **** Taking Reiki to a deeper level...

Our lovely Leo Maria "London's premier Zephorium Reiki practitioner" is taking Reiki to a deeper level in this multisensory experience. The treatment includes the annointing of oil on the brow chakra, a gentle hand massage & clearing of the aura. The oils, creams & aura sprays used contain Lavender, Geranium & Neroli essential oils & homeopathically potentized Amethyst crystal for the brow chakra and Frankincense & Patchouli with Lapis Lazuli for the crown chakra all of which have profoundly calming & soothing properties. These Zephorium products are linked to the chakras - making the link between mental, emotional, spiritual and physical well being.

When inhaled, the oils enter the olfactory system and directly affect the limbic system, the oldest part of the brain where our most primitive senses reside such as basic drives, instincts, needs and avoidances. This has an impact on mood and emotional response and also stimulates glands that regulate the endocrine, immune and nervous systems.

Together with the usual benefits of Reiki, this is an ideal treatment for releasing ‘stuck’ emotions, for those prone to anxiety or who are experiencing stress of any kind & for anyone who finds it difficult to switch off the mind & relax or sleep.

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