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Hot Stone Massages in Wandsworth

If you’re looking for a hot stone massage in Wandsworth, look no further than Samsara. We offer a range of hot stone massage services that are designed to alleviate anxiety, depression, tension and stress.


During every hot stone massage treatment, hot stones are placed along your body. These stones are incredibly smooth and will not aggravate your skin.


Hot stone massage therapists will use a sliding technique where the stones are moved up and down your muscles to massage them. This results in the stones being cooled down before being rested on your skin.


Our Hot Stone Massages


Our hot stone massages in Wandsworth are defined by our preparation and attention to detail. Before we begin the massage, we heat our stones to a specific temperature. This is so heat can be seamlessly transferred from the stones to your muscles during the treatment which helps them relax.


The more relaxed your muscles are the easier it is for us to apply deeper pressure during the message without you experiencing any discomfort. Hence, the circulation around your body will improve and your central nervous system will relax.


We then place the warm stones around various parts of your body such as on your back, hands and between your toes. These areas are where your energy centres reside, allowing the hot stone massage therapist to rebalance your body and mind.


We pride our hot stone massages in Wandsworth on being a healthier alternative to prescription medications. Over-the-counter drugs are more dangerous than people realise due to individuals overdosing on these products.


In contrast, our hot stone massage therapy is completely natural and it is impossible to experience any ill effects. 


Our hot stone massage treatment is also much lighter than other types of traditional massage. Therefore, hot stone massages are ideal for people who do not enjoy more vigorous massages that can be painful.


Not to mention, our hot stone massage therapists can help cure a variety of physical alignments like arthritis, poor circulation and back pain.

If you are interested in booking a hot stone massage in Wandsworth or you would like more information on the services we provide, feel free to call us on 020 8874 4500 or send an email to

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