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We offer a range of waxing treatments from our beauty studio in SW18. All waxing treatments are carried out by fully trained and experienced therapists, in private treatment rooms. 


Hot wax is specifically designed for the removal of coarse, thick hair, making it appropriate for use on the whole body. The flexible wax is expertly applied with a spatula, left to set, and then removed by hand. Regular waxing can make the hair grow finer, sparser, and slower, meaning the more you wax the longer you should be able to go between waxing appointments.


Waxing at Samsara


We offer the below waxes, to find out about pricing see here


Face Waxing

  • Lip and chin

  • Lip

  • Chin


Body Waxing 

  • ½ arm 

  • Full arm

  • Underarm

  • Lower leg

  • Upper leg

  • ¾ leg

  • Full leg

  • Basic bikini

  • High bikini

  • Brazilian 

  • Hollywood


Men’s Waxing

  • Back/ chest

  • Underarm

  • Upper arm


Combined Waxing 

  • Full leg & basic bikini

  • ½ leg & basic bikini

  • ½ leg and brazilian or hollywood

  • Full leg & high bikini

  • ½ leg & high bikini

  • Full leg & brazilian or hollywood


Get booked into our studio in SW18 to see one of our beauty therapists.

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