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At Samsara we offer an individually tailored approach to massage therapy, we will address your unique condition and needs. If you want something gentle, we have treatments that are gentle and balancing, and which will allow you to release tension held in your body through connective movements. Alternatively, if you are working with an injury, or you prefer deeper pressure, we also offer therapeutic massages that help release aches and pains by working through deeper layers of body tissue.


Our Massage Options


We offer a range of massages, at our therapy rooms in Wandsworth, to suit a range of needs. Our massages include:


  • Relaxing: we offer relaxing massages such as aromatherapy, this uses light to medium pressure and plant derived essential oils. We also Swedish massages, which are based on the concept of anatomy and physiology.


  • Therapeutic: our therapeutic massages offer a more targeted approach, usually directed toward specific needs. We offer deep tissue massages and remedial sports massages which are designed for anyone suffering chronic pain or muscle stiffness.


  • Specialised: our massage therapists in Earlsfield also offer specialist treatments such as reflexology, unlike most massages that work from the ‘outside in’, reflexology works from the ‘inside out’, by stimulating the nervous system to release tension.

If you want to know anymore about our massages give us a call or pop to our studio near Wandsworth, alternatively, you can meet our massage therapists here.

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