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Q&A with Adrianna Zaccardi

We love getting to know our wonderful teachers better! Find out more about Freedom Flow teacher Adrianna Zaccardi with our Q&A!

adrianna zaccardi

Why did you decide to train as a yoga instructor?

It was all about wanting to know myself at the deepest level.

To forever be a student. It was never about wanting to share the things that I got from the practice – that just happens. Being committed to being my best self, and living in alignment with that was what made me do it.

It is the hardest job I have ever had, so knowing why I still do it is super important.

What is your go-to pose when you are feeling low?

I don’t have a pose I turn to. What I do instead is follow my intuition. I realise that this takes quite some time to build. I lay down on the ground, and roll and wriggle around. I do some myofascial release. I dance and shake. Then I would meditate, and maybe even do some chanting if this comes through. This all works well. Really well.

Do you have a favourite mantra?

I love to chant, and my favourite Goddess is Durga. She is the Great Mother, the Indestructible One, the Unconquerable one. Her love is her greatest strength.

Anything in her name is powerful for me.

How had your upbringing influenced your style of yoga?

This is something that I begun to understand very recently actually.

Hindsight is a powerful thing. I have always been on a quest to understand freedom and connection since I was about 9 years old. I’ve taken many paths towards finding “it” and have ended up on this path now for the last 6 years (while teaching) What I now teach is called “freedom flow” Go figure!

What is your guilty pleasure?

Staying in my PJs all day, come rain hail or shine. Rest is the best.

If somebody had never tried yoga before, how would you persuade them to try it?

I don’t believe in persuading people to do anything. I would just tell them, whenever they have an inclination to try yoga, do it then. Because more than likely the right teacher will appear for them. Philosophical I know, but that’s how it worked for me.

Is there an object in your life which you couldn’t be without ? If so what is it?

I would have to say my journal and pen. I write every single day, and have done some since I was about 9 years old. (A pivotal age for me)

Would you rather...

Run for the bus or relax and wait for the next one?

Run for the bus – best feeling when you make it!

Go skiing in the alps or go trekking in the jungle?

Jungle for sure.

Make art or make music?

Make art

Oat milk, soya or almond milk?

Oat milk because it tastes the best with coffee. (I am a total and proud coffee snob)


About Adrianna

Adrianna’s dynamic teaching style is an expression of her spirit. Her classes are rooted in clear alignment, mindful, playful, and encourage curiosity and exploration. Adrianna’s classes have become a natural space for her students cultivate a space for self-reflection, to feel what is happening across all layers of the mind-body. Her sensitivity opens her up to the depth of the energetic field, where she embodies the subtle shifts of energy, translating them into thoughtful questions to pose to you as you practice. Safe alignment creates space to feel and discover clarity within the body. Adrianna’s intention for her students is to create a space for you to cultivate knowingness, build your intuition and trust what you discover as you listen to your body. A space to explore, discover, and return. Adrianna encourages her students to recognise that despite its transformative value, yoga can present an array of emotion and experiences.


Adrianna's Classes:

Join Adrianna for 'Freedom Flow'every Sunday at 12 - 1.15pm


'Take a Chill Pill'

Restorative Yoga Workshop

Sun 24th June 2018 2 - 4pm

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