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Hypnotherapy uses the state of hypnosis within a therapeutic setting. This state can be accessed using various techniques that guide you into a deep and focused relaxation using a combination of suggestion, visualisation, subliminal messaging and repetition.


Our state slips into alpha and theta brainwaves where it can feel like a very deep meditation, like that moment when we are waking up from sleep; we are aware that we have woken up, our minds are still coming out of dreams and we're not quite ready to move or open our eyes yet.


This is the perfect setting to access the subconscious mind where we have many old stories and blueprints stored that influence how we act, think and feel about things. From here we can reframe and influence new ways of perceiving things which positively change our behaviour.


During a hypnotherapy session you are fully aware of what is happening and only take on the suggestions that work with your needs. You are the creator, and the hypnotherapist is like your assistant architect and builder, helping you to create the foundations of your chosen transformation and empowering you to take control of yourself and your life.

Hypnotherapy can help with

Phobias such as: agoraphobia, claustrophobia, arachnophobia
and more.


Panic attacks



Athletic performance



General health and wellbeing

For a deeper and more sustainable overall transformation we can also use hypnoanalysis, which uses regression techniques, taking you back into memories so that we can learn to see things from a different, more informed perspective, essentially healing traumas and issues we may have held onto for long periods of time.

Book a free 15 minute chat or a consultation with primer. The primer is a shorter hypnotherapy session to begin the process of accessing the states that will initiate the changes you seek, and to ease you into what it feels like so you are ready to get straight into the follow up sessions.

For 1:1 Sessions

  • Free of charge 15min chat (to briefly establish why you would like hypnotherapy and whether it's ideal for you)

  • Full consultation with initial session primer - 75 mins for £100

  • Regular follow-up sessions -  60 mins for £85

  • Hypnoanalysis session - 60 mins for £85

  • Package: Consultation with primer plus x2 sessions for £250

About our Hypnotherapist

Ema Borges

Deep Tissue Massage | Swedish Massage | Pregnancy Massage | Hypnotherapy |  Reiki


Ema's training began over 2 decades ago at The London College of Fashion with a ND in beauty therapy and a BA in special effects make up artistry. She later decided to change direction and further develop her massage skills with accredited refresher courses and began to explore the wonderful world of wellbeing therapies.


She then gained her clinical hypnotherapy qualifications at The Essex Institute after having sessions herself and getting excellent results, and then learned reiki both at The London School of Reiki Ryoho and with Leo Holmes here at Serenity Space. She has also completed her training in Pregnancy Massage at London School of Massage. 


Bringing the various disciplines together, she initially started her freelance venture with local home visits and worked ad hoc in various wellbeing centres throughout London over the years, fine tuning her skills, objectives and service to holistic healing. 


Her aim at Serenity Space is to combine all the elements of the therapies and workshops she offers to encompass mind, body and soul, focusing on their interconnected nature and the empowerment of the client to achieve a healthy balance.

Ema is available for appointments on Tuesday and Sunday.

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